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Product Details

This fence panel is widely used in exterior wall decoration and protection and the price is cheap.

Advantage compare with other sidings: 

1: affordable siding for every family

2. Easy to install and zero-maintenance

3. Vivid design, close to the real wood with 3 kind of wood grain.

4: Fireproof and water roof 

Color Available : White and light grey


110MM rainwater system 

125MM rainwater system

140MM rainwater system

170MM rainwater system

Exterion siding

Surface and Color

Beautiful entity; Elegant color; Unique pattern; Beautiful soft brushed cedar finish that looks like freshly painted wood.

When ordering please provide color from color selection picture


Our siding panel is synthesized by multi-layer materials,.The top layer is called capstock, which prevents fading , and also prevents harmful uv rays. The second layer, often refers to the main body. It is for strength and stability. Jeneral speaking, It could lasts for abt 30 years


10 years Lifetime Transferable Warranty Includes Color Fading (With stand temperatures up to 40°c.)


The color is long-life: the color do not change even after being roasted under high temperature for 6-12 years.

The wall is long-life: board and wall have clearance, which can breathing and airing.

The fixing is long-life: fasten with rust prevention steel nail.

Heat preservation

Heatproof performance: Excellent

Energy saving effect: activity ratio of air-condition=1/3~1/5 before being assembled


Horizontal folded corner buckled, vertical silicon sealant sealing up


No asbestos, inorganic material and innocuity

Speediness, Laborsaving

Normative technology, simple tool, easy operation, quick installation.

How to install

Easy to install, Requiring no special tools .Short construction period Low maintenance,we can use nail or screws as the preferred fastening method. and the patented Glide-Lock attachment system gives you peace of mind installation with ferrule studs preset at 4" on center to accommodate 16" or 24" wall studs and will not allow the siding to buckle, warp or blow off the home.


Accessories are available in matching colors as the siding if each design is more than 1500meter, often white is used as an accent color.


Impact modified unplasticised polyvinyl chloride(UPVC)has been selected for the following features.

1: Impact modified and UV stability :The formulation used has been designed for high impact performance and excellent stability against harsh climatic conditions.

2: Corrosion resistant :it is unaffected by coastal atmosphere and completely resistant to industrial air pollution .

3: Light weight :The product is easily transported and installed

4:Performance :The excellent flow characteristics allow for low maintenance and trouble-free performance .


The system is resilient and offers high resistance to impact .As a result,site breakages and other failures are minimal.


Specifiers , engineers ,contractors and property owners alike can rest assured in knowing that NUORAN rainwater systems conform to the relevant South African National Standard commitment to quality and safety has all extrusions and components manufactured in an ISO9001 accredited facility