What Are The Benefits Of PVC Profile?

PVC profile is a major industry will use a material, why so many industries are using it? Xiaobian today to give you about the advantages of PVC profile it

PVC profile advantages:

1. Decorative effect is good, there are grades, high imitation wood effect, beautiful atmosphere,

2. Installation is simple and environmentally friendly, only with glass glue can be, men and women can be installed, no professional tools, no professional skills.

3. Environmentally safe and durable, not easily deformed, not as fragile as the glass corners of the risk, not like the bending of acrylic deformation, and environmental protection without formaldehyde

4. High cost, the price is not high, but the high cost

PVC profile have experienced import and high-speed development period, from time to time, can be defined as the 20th century, the mid-90s and the mid-1990s and around 2002. After 2003, PVC profile industry has entered a transition period. In the introduction of products: manufacturers generally pursue low cost, simplifying the doors and windows profile section, the formula filled with a large number of calcium carbonate, resulting in low product performance, the emergence of many quality problems affect the product promotion.

Beginning in 1995, a number of powerful enterprises, began to digest and absorb the essence of foreign European profile technology, developed its own doors and windows series, as the leading domestic plastic doors and windows to promote the doors and windows of the technical update and development, but also the whole industry has been unprecedented The development and rapid growth. After entering the product maturity period, that is, from 2003 onwards, many defects began to react, too high profit margins lead to blind investment too much, so that the industry's comprehensive production capacity of nearly 300 million tons, much higher than the market demand; many new investment Who did not start from the product innovation, technological innovation, but a simple imitation, and even cut corners, fake and shoddy, industry market competition in a non-healthy state. Raw material market prices continue to rise, exacerbate this non-healthy competition, so that part of the business in a difficult situation, a shutdown or semi-shutdown state.