PVC Profiles High Strength, Cheap

PVC profile products have experienced a period of import and rapid development, from the time point of view, can be defined as the 1980s - the mid-1990s and around 1995-2002. After 2003, PVC profile industry has entered a period of transition. During the period of product introduction: Manufacturers generally pursue low cost, which simplifies the profile of door and window profiles. The calcium carbonate is filled in a large amount in the formula, resulting in low performance of the product. Many quality problems have affected the promotion of the product.

PVC profiles added function additives PVC profiles with anti-aging, UV resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, low price, good insulation and thermal insulation properties, can partially replace the aluminum, steel and so on.

During the Ninth Five-year Plan period, China enjoyed an average annual economic growth rate of 8%. In the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" proposal, China clearly pointed out that further strengthening its infrastructure construction and urbanization strategy will provide a vast space for the development of the national building materials industry Space.

 PVC profiles are used in various industries will be a material, why so many industries are using it? Xiao Bian today to give you talk about the advantages of PVC profiles it.

PVC profile advantages:

1. Decorative effect is good, there are grades, high imitation solid wood effect, beautiful atmosphere,

2. Easy to install and environmental protection, only the glass can be glued, men, women and children can be installed, without professional tools, no professional skills.

3. Environmentally safe and durable, not easily deformed, not as fragile as the glass corner danger, nor the bending deformation of acrylic, and environmentally friendly formaldehyde

4. Super high cost, the price is not high, but cost-effective